"Andrew Cahner bares all, providing an expert guide to the somewhat veiled industry of professional art modeling... The book was written for anyone involved in the business: new models, the instructors who hire them, and the artists who draw them."

The Artist's Magazine, page 10, October 2013

"Andrew’s book is wonderfully readable, lucidly written, and a one-of-a-kind resource for art models both new and experienced, as well as artists, teachers, and students. With its very publication, The Art Model’s Handbook has solidified the legitimacy, virtue, and immeasurable value of serious, professional art modeling." entire review

Claudia Hajian, Art Model, New York City

"As an artist who works with models virtually every day, and who trains people to be art models, this handbook has proven to be a most comprehensive and well thought out addition to my library. I recommend it to every person who comes to me wondering what it is like to model for an artist."

Brian Smith, Artist, Toronto

"An invaluable resource for the new art model, the professional art model, art schools, art instructors, art students, and anyone wanting to learn more about the complexities of creating inspiration as a professional artist’s model."

Wendy McClay-Triplett, Manager, Models & Props, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

"From my standpoint as an artist, I would love to see more models read this book and apply its instruction. The material is clear, interesting and thorough... It is highly recommended and very affordable." entire review

Steve Armes reviewing for DFW Art Models, Dallas, Texas

"Recommended for artists’ models, artists that work with models, people that book models for life drawing classes or groups, or students that attend such groups. This book is the real deal about the profession of modeling for artists." from the Drawing Life blog

Fred Hatt, Artist and Life Drawing Monitor, Spring Studio, New York City

"This volume is an essential addition to any library that serves the studio arts." entire review - PDF

Barbara Furbush, Art Libraries Society of North America

"Cahner's work provides an excellent and much-needed resource for models, schools, instructors, artists, art students, photographers, and model coordinators." entire review - PDF

ForeWord Reviews

"A majority of the models who contact me wanting to pose for our workshop have little to no experience modeling for artists. Many mistakenly assume fine-art modeling requires little to no knowledge or skill. This book is the first comprehensive resource I have found that clearly explains every aspect of fine-art modeling. With this foundational knowledge any aspiring or experienced models will be able to communicate a level of professionalism that will set them apart. I regularly recommend it to people."

Trent Reynolds, Art Instructor and Creator of Dabbleon Videos

"From handling bookings and typical business practices, to preparing for poses and keeping one's mind entertained during long stretches, this book covers it in a down-to-earth fashion that is succinct and clears the air of those ridiculous historical stereotypes. This is a great book for those looking to become an artist's model." entire review

Jeffrey Wiener,, New York City

"a thorough, wide-ranging how-to guide... which will also be tremendous help to artists who work with models."

Scott Kirkman, Figure-Drawing League

"Models play such a crucial part of any figurative artist's work and with no real training out there, this book is definitely long overdue."

Antoine de Villiers, Artist, Savannah, Georgia

"Everyone involved in representational figure drawing from the model to the artist should take a look at this book to get a perspective on the experience different from their own and to make the experience a profitable one for everyone involved." entire review

Franz Fiedler,

"This is quite a unique book. At first glance it's obvious it should be read by anyone who is thinking about modeling for artists. It certainly covers every aspect of what a model should know in order to properly function in this specialized business... And it contains valuable information for everyone involved with this art process." entire review

Dee Overly, Artist, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"For the first time a book concisely defines what is expected of an art model and the fellow expectations of the studio or colleges involved. Through interviews readers enjoy professional art models' advice."

Waverly Tinsley, Art Model, Indianapolis, Indiana

"This work has all the tools one needs to develop into a skilled professional model–a boon to art instructors, art students, model coordinators and those artists who meet in groups to work from the nude figure."

David R. Quammen, Founder, Figure Models Guild, Washington, DC

"This is a long overdue book on everything related to being or hiring an art model... Andrew himself is a very experienced model, but instead of just relying on his own experiences he interviewed artists and photographers, managers of art programs and other models. The result is comprehensive, and extremely helpful in telling both the artist and the model what to expect and how to make a session professional and productive."

Terry Rafferty, Artist, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"This is an excellent book for the curious or inexperienced, through the accomplished model, artist, instructor, and those trying to work with models."

Missy Loewe, Academic Dean, Washington School of Photography, Washington, DC

"The Art Model's Handbook should be available in every library of every art organization, art school, and anywhere else that models and artists may seek out information about figurative art."

Kelly Borsheim, Artist, Austin Texas and Florence Italy

"I rarely give a book five stars, but—for this topic—I can’t think of any way the author could have improved the book. Every working artist and every classroom that uses models should have a copy of this book in their studios. ... I read many books about and for artists, and this one stands out as a brilliant idea, well executed and long overdue. It’s well-written and easy to read, but —even more importantly—it’s a useful reference that provides far more than just the basics."

Eileen Morey, Senior Editor, Art Books Reviews

"This book is like an informative and interesting documentary... It's recommended to models, would-be models and people who work with models."

Parka Blogs, Singapore

"Until now, I've never seen a book that is written from the model's perspective, directed mainly to models and instructors who don't have a lot of experience with posing for and directing figure drawing sessions... It explains very thoroughly about why particular things are done. It's a very good resource for those that are considering to become art models or are still new to the profession. There are many short anecdotes from different artists, instructors and models, as well as longer interviews with models. As a person who has been on the drawing side, it gives me an insight into the model's perspective of figure drawing."

Rie Shibazaki, Artist, Toronto, Ontario Canada

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