The nude figure has been the subject of art for centuries and continues to inspire contemporary artists. Figure drawing is part of the core curriculum at art schools and college art departments. Art models young and old play an important role in this creative process. So how does one learn how to become an artist's model?

The Art Model’s Handbook explains what you need to know to model for art classes and professional artists. You’ll learn about the structure of a figure drawing session, how to come up with interesting poses, costume modeling, fine art photography, professionalism, etiquette, finding work, and security concerns. Awkward but important questions about nudity are addressed. Guidelines for faculty and sample policies are also included.

Figure drawing is a creative collaboration. The model serves artists better by understanding why they draw the human figure. Artists and instructors have a more productive session by understanding the standard protocols. Based on the author's experience plus interviews with male and female models, artists, fine art photographers, and art school management, this is the definitive guide for art models, artists, and workshop leaders.